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March 7 is my birthday



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March 7 is my birthday! I want to celebrate it also with my dear customers. To all those who purchase a team of miniatures I will give, a set of 15 personalized prone / stunned tokens. This is a limited time offer while stocks last. 1 Chaos Dwarf Minotaur 2 Chaos Dwarf Bull centaur 3 Chaos Dwarf Bull centaur 4 Troll Goblin 5 Troll Goblin 6 Chaos Minotaur 7 Chaos Ogre 8 Chaos Troll 9 Rat Ogre 10 Nurgle 11 Ice Troll 12 Frog Man 13 Ogre 14 Dwarf 15 Tree Man. The SET will be added free of charge ONE to the customer order